Six months into the gulf coalition’s war in Yemen, victory for the invaders, once believed easy, remains a fata morgana. The true goals behind their actions remain shrouded in mystery, increasing suspicions that the various “allies” may actually be pursuing very different strategies.

On March 25th, after the definite fall of Sana’a to the northern Houthi rebels in January and their subsequent rapid advance towards southern Yemen, the coalition started its bombing campaign. Very quickly it became obvious that the targets were not only military installations, but also public buildings, residential areas and infrastructure such as markets, food depots, power plants or water treatment facilities. Especially in northern Yemen the goal seems to be not to minimize, but to maximize the suffering of the civilian population. In mid-July the gulf coalition entered the ground war, capturing Aden before pushing north- and eastwards. After some early successes, their advance seems to…

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